Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hats, hats, hats!

   I've been absent again for some time....sorry folks, but adjusting to dayshift is quite a chore. I worked graveyard for so long, changing to days is wonderful, but a challenge. And since we are short staffed at the lab, I have switched my hours from 7:30am - 4pm to 11:30am- 8pm. This should last until the end of January, when new staff should be ready to go.....YAY!
      I have been busy crocheting...doilies and hats. My youngest son wanted a beanie. He and his brothers shaved their heads in October in support of their aunt Teresa. Teresa was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her hair due to the chemo. She is doing well half way through her treatment; the tumor has shrunk to about 1/2 its original size. We pray that it continues to shrink! The boys' heads were cold, so I made Tim a hat. Then Jeff wanted one...then Tim wanted another, and so did Jeff....I also made a couple for friends...all in about a week's time:

    I also made a pink shawl for Teresa, to keep her warm during her treatments:
I added pink ribbons to the points.
 So even though I haven't been here, I have been keeping occupied! I do have a few other things going; I will make a definite effort to post again soon and show off! I am going to be busy during the holidays making more things...hats, redneck wine glasses, doilies, snowflakes, and finishing off a blanket I started over the summer. I also have a monkey blanket to make for an new nephew due in December. Til next time, take care, stay warm and may the peace, love and joy of the holidays shower over you and yours!