Thursday, September 8, 2016

Quilting, crocheting, and Mermaid tails..

Hi folks!! So glad that fall is in the air! It's been hot and humid all summer down here in Florida. Heat index was over 100 most of July and August. I spent my summer going to quilt shops for the 2016 Row By Row Experience, crocheting mermaid tail blankets and a few doilies. I road tripped to NY State for my 35th high school reunion, where I met up with a bunch of folks I haven't seen since, well graduation in 1981. Even though you talk to them on social media, it is always nice to catch up in person. I was able to visit with tons of I haven't seen for 45 years. THAT was wonderful...also a bunch of other cousins I haven't seen since I got married in 1987..and their kids and grandkids. an my only surviving aunt who is 93 years old. Loved every moment!
 I did get some pretty neat quilt rows on my journey, too! My sister in law, Mariah and I, went on an adventure to Glens Falls and Saratoga for a few rows. Mariah swore she saw a sign for Nebraska 15 miles away in our travels...I don't think she kissed her lawn when we got back to the house, but I'm not sure......
   Here's a few shots of some of my adventures.....Oh yes, I even bought a 10' kayak..purple, Of course!!! Have even gotten hubby out on the water to enjoy the scenery....LOVE being on the water...must be my Aquarius sign...

This is the rows I have from the 2015 Row By Row Quilts...I just have to finish putting them together....

All in all, it's been an eventful we are coming back into running season....the Turtle Krawl is on Saturday in Melbourne, Florida. I have to seriously start training as I'm signed up to do 2  half in October, the Lighthouse Loop to Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, the other the Diva Half Marathon in December......then there's the 2nd installment of the Excalibur in Melbourne.....I am doing that 10-miler for the 4 year experience..hoping to better my times, but to get the medals and swag ...a crown after 3 years, and the grail (a silver jewel encrusted goblet) after completing all 4 years.!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Another year, very little said

Hello there out in blog world. Another year has whizzed by and I have neglected my blog. To be truthful, I have been working on my crafts, but very little in 2015. I did take up another hobby, quilting. My boss and friend, Gayle, got me interested with the Row By Row Experience. I spent 6 weeks over the summer travelling around Florida to various quilt shops picking up their patterns .

 It's fun knowing that I can pick up my sewing machine and get it to work like it's supposed to. This is fun and I want to do more!!!

the only problem is quilting takes away from my knitting and crochet. But that's ok, so long as I'm creating something, I'm a happy crafter!
   With Christmas came the frenzied request from my marine son for more crochet and knit hats. He seems to lose them every year, so every year he gets a few more.

And an earflap for my middle son......
Then came the requests for Christmas presents for kids...I cannot say no....these are Sarah Zimmerman's patterns from the Repeat Crafter Me blog
I love her easy to follow and quick to make up!!

And here is a smattering of other things I've done through 2015:

My favorite of these is the Tea Time Doily by my favorite designer, Elizabeth Hiddleson. I love the hearts, especially since I was born on Valentine's day...We've also been renovating our house...painting mostly...and replacing doors. I will post those pictures in my next entry. And then I can get on with and be more creative (hopefully keeping up with my posts, too!) in 2016!!!!! Thanks for looking and hanging in there with me!!!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another year down...

and very little posted here. Sorry about that folks. Between work and running 20 5k's this past year, I've had very little computer time. I'm hoping to start up again in 2015....Lots of stitching done this past year, just little time to post...but here are some pics of things I've a couple of pics of the Westwood Running Divas in action...

It's been a fun year.....Happy New Year to you all! Here's to more posting and more crafting in 2015!!!! Stay safe and enjoy the day!
Lots of love and happy crafting,
Beth aka Ponykeg

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking!

  Hello blog world! Sorry to have been out of the loop this past year...Work, family and yes, crafting stopped me from recording my goings on. I am hoping to getting back to posting on a weekly basis at least. It's not that I haven't been crafting, it's just been sporadic. Kind of an ADHD type where I jump from one thing to the next, leaving lots of things hanging. Which leads to a LOT of UFO's that I am trying to get finished.
   The boys are growing up and moving on with their lives. My youngest, Tim, joined the Marine Corps on Memorial Day. Graduated boot camp on August 23. We are very proud of his accomplishments. It was a fun, amazing thing to see our son in the ranks, marching and performing whatever the drill sargents said. Tim's grandma and grandpa and two of his uncles plus me and  hubby were in Beaufort,SC for three days. We all had a great time, and loved having the boy home for 10 days. I'm glad the gov't took him back though.... I thought I was going to run out of food! That boy has not an ounce of fat on him, and can pack it away!

The top pic is the official Marine Corp photo of Tim in his dress blues. Mighty handsome if I do say so myself! The bottom picture is at his graduation from Camp LeJeune's Combat training. Yes, that's a big-ass rifle (marines never say gun, so I've been instructed!)  The second pic was taken Oct. 1. Right after that, Tim got on a bus and has been in Ft. Lee, Virginia. He will be there until mid-December. Then he goes back to Camp LeJeune to be an Ammo Logistics Tech. OOOOORAH!
  Steven told us that he and Nicole are thinking of moving to Louisville, Ky. Nicole has a job interview next week. Sounds exciting and I am excited for them! New adventures are always great...scary, but great! And if anyone will have fun with it, it is Steven and Nicole!
   Jeff and his fiance are no's for the best, and Jeff is embracing his new found freedom, trying to figure out what/where he'd like to be. He's gone to Gainesville to see some friends, and is trying to find work up there. He will, I'm sure. Jeff still lives across the street, but is looking forward to moving on and up!
   Bob and I are working and planning. I had to change my leaky kitchen faucet about a month ago. Needless to say, a simple two-hour job turned into a 2 day adventure; three trips to Lowe's for the right parts, disconnecting an old water system, (which we discovered was the cause of most of the leaking under the sink), and improved water pressure once it was all put back together! We still have to fix the shelf/area under the sink, but that will come when we redo the kitchen. Which has moved up in priority! LOL
    We are also planning a trip to my hometown the week of Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see my brother, sil, nephews and significant others, friends and most especially, my great niece Madelyn Rose. I also haven't been home since 1985 for a holiday, so it will be FUN! Then it's home on Black Friday (I don't do the shopping thing, anyhow...I love online shopping, LOL) and a weekend of cooking for the family....Tim's coming home, too, Wed-sunday. I do have to have leftovers, after all!
   Oh yes, and on top of all that activity, Bob and I  are training for 5K races. Ok, my neighbor Laurie and I are training for it seriously. We are doing the Couch to 5K program on our phones. Considering I haven't run in 30 years, we are doing pretty well and I don't hurt! Winning!
   Well, that's all for now. I will post pics of some of my more recently completed projects soon...Until then, stay classy, blogworld. Catch ya soon!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Farewell 2012!!!

  On this next to last day of 2012, I am vowing not to work so much and spend more time with my friends and family. And CROCHETING!!!! I have missed so much this year working OT, but the draw was too easy and more $$$ is always good. Well, until I had to work a 19-hour shift.....after that night, I vowed my life is more important than that and I am going to spend more time for ME!

   Christmas was fun this year! After years of it just being ok, we all had a great time. My new quick and easy go to gift are redneck wine glasses:

Everyone laughed and liked them a lot. I even suggested to my newly engaged eldest son that we make these as favors for his wedding, filled with candy and a tag with their names and date of their yet to be determined wedding.
    We had a lovely rib roast dinner on my new-to-me Noritake china:
I found this lovely full set for 10 at Annie Johnson's Thrift store in Dunnellon in early November. It is the Blue Hill Pattern. As a little girl, I always adored my mom's, sister's and sister in law's Noritake. My brother was Marine in Viet Nam and brought home those sets for the ladies when he came home. I always pouted because I was left out (I was about 4-6 when he finished his tours of duty). As I grew up, I "got" it.....Mom was his mom, Mariah was his fiance, and Pix was close to getting married. I was way to little to appreciate it. So it makes sense that Jim's two boys are in line to inherit his and my mom's. When I found this set, I was just browsing in the shop on a Saturday night and couldn't believe when I saw it. It is just really more beautiful than the picture shows. The 87-piece set was $95...a STEAL! I didn't have the cash then. I thought for sure the set would be gone by Black Friday, but I went to check anyway. IT WAS STILL THERE!!!! And better yet, being Black Friday, it was on sale for 30% off...yup, I got the whole kit and kaboodle for $66!!! I snatched it up and took it home. As the store clerks were packaging it up, I told the proprietor my story. She laughed and said that she has a set that her hubby brought  home to her from Viet Nam also. The woman smiled and said she was happy to make my dream come true. I am truly blessed!
   Well, I am doing a 5 hour OT shift this afternoon, I have to work tomorrow and then I'm off for New Year's day. Can't wait to see the Rose Parade!!!! What are everyone's plans for New Year's eve? Since I'm working til 8pm and will be home about 9:15p, I'm hoping to stay awake til midnight..HA!!! On New Year's day, we are having a turkey, greens, black eyed peas and homemade mac and cheese.
   On that note, I will leave you with the two of the best pics I have from Christmas; my new great-nephew Jaxon, born on Christmas Eve and the Housewives of Central Florida pic from Christmas Eve with DiBiasio's:

Happy New Year my friends!!!! May 2013 be healthy, wealthy and wise for us all!!!! (Not to mention CRAFTY!!) <3 p="p">

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hats, hats, hats!

   I've been absent again for some time....sorry folks, but adjusting to dayshift is quite a chore. I worked graveyard for so long, changing to days is wonderful, but a challenge. And since we are short staffed at the lab, I have switched my hours from 7:30am - 4pm to 11:30am- 8pm. This should last until the end of January, when new staff should be ready to go.....YAY!
      I have been busy crocheting...doilies and hats. My youngest son wanted a beanie. He and his brothers shaved their heads in October in support of their aunt Teresa. Teresa was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her hair due to the chemo. She is doing well half way through her treatment; the tumor has shrunk to about 1/2 its original size. We pray that it continues to shrink! The boys' heads were cold, so I made Tim a hat. Then Jeff wanted one...then Tim wanted another, and so did Jeff....I also made a couple for friends...all in about a week's time:

    I also made a pink shawl for Teresa, to keep her warm during her treatments:
I added pink ribbons to the points.
 So even though I haven't been here, I have been keeping occupied! I do have a few other things going; I will make a definite effort to post again soon and show off! I am going to be busy during the holidays making more things...hats, redneck wine glasses, doilies, snowflakes, and finishing off a blanket I started over the summer. I also have a monkey blanket to make for an new nephew due in December. Til next time, take care, stay warm and may the peace, love and joy of the holidays shower over you and yours!