Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another doily!!

Finished this doily for an October birthstone exchange.....color was pink. This pattern is called 'White poinsettia" and is supposed to have 12 little flowers around the outer edge. This is 10.5" across now. And I didn't have time to do little own fault. I always start these things too late! I do plan on making one for me in white/silver and red flowers on the edges....All in all, I love this pattern. It's quick and easy. I just didn't like the fact that it ruffled really bad. I had to pull like the dickens to get it to lay flat when I blocked it. But I did it!!! Hope Ms. Mary likes it.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival

Oh yes, we hit it for the second year in a row. Planning on going back as we were there with my sister and her hubby from Buffalo. Yes, the whole crew....all three boys and Nicole and Barbara, too. Had a great time wandering around the parks, riding a few rides. My sister has never been to Disney before. She loves Johnny Depp, so the first order of business was to get her to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. She liked it, but it could use more Cap'n Jack Sparrow...duh!!!

While at the parks, Bob and I sampled a few things from France. I had to have my fix of escargot......baked in little loves of bread with garlic....yummmyyyy!!! Bob had the coq au vin sur gratin de macaroni......oh yes, chicken in red wine over gourmet mac and's my version:

Here's a picture of all of us at Mexico, The Inn at San Miguel (?) after dinner:
Back row: Tim, Joe Pixie, Steven, Me, Teresa, Bob, Rick
Kneeling: Jeff and Barbara
Rick and Teresa were kind enough to join us for dinner. We had a blast!!!! After that, the boys put on their "Three Amigos" pose:
Tim and Jeff always mess with Steven, so he doesn't know which way to look.......therefore, he's never looking in the same direction as his brothers. Always. Priceless.....
Stevie's 20th b-day was the 25th.....his brother bought him pirate ears with "Shredder" embroidered on it....
Steven put on his hat and was jumping up and down on the balcony as we returned from breakfast, screaming..."It's my's my birthday..." To which passersby wished the silly boy a happy birthday..... I even got to surprise him with birthday ice cream at dinner. Somehow, he knew it was me that told.....

I also was working on a candy corn outfit for my newest cousin, Landon. He was born on Sept 21 to my 2nd cousin Lisa and hubby Kelly. Finished it yesterday

And last but not least, what would a first visit to Disney be without a commemorative t-shirt? Nicole (who took most of the pics and is in very few......LOL...I think she plans it that way....)

All the girls had was fun, but we were never in the same place at the same time on Saturday to get a will have to suffice with just me.......
Ok, back to the grind and my crocheting.....doilies, blankets, and oh yes, work is thrown in there at some point!!!!! Til next time...happy crafting!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New design

Hello out there!! Yes, I realize it's been over a month since I have been here. Time is just passing much to quickly for me these days. Work, trying to get my house in order....and it's a tall order. Twenty five years of accumulated stuff (mostly craft stuff and clothes) to try and sort out. I have finally taken the plunge and begun selling some of my patterns, that I know I'll NEVER use, but just had to have, on E-bay. So far, 5 of the 35 I've posted have found new homes.....yeah!!!Not a lot, but at least it's a start.
Cleaning out my closet is another story. I hate to throw anything away. But, I am slowly getting there, too. Washing whatever is still good and going to donate them to Goodwill. A gargantuan task, but I feel good giving it away, especially knowing I'll never wear some of the stuff again.
On the crafting note, I have a cousin who just had her first son at age 38. Little Landon Hamilton Walters is an adorable bundle of joy born to my cousin Lisa and hubby Kelly. The live in NYC; Kelly posted a picture from their balcony one night. The are really close to the Empire State building. Anyhow, I have been trying and trying to find a special blanket for this special little guy. Thought I finally found it in this:
Trouble is, I cannot find the pattern book it's in. So, I was going to work off the picture. Not too hard, as it appears to be grannies with alternating colors every other row and a checkerboard of colors between the grannies. I can do that!!! Sooo, I looked for the colors I thought I had in my stash room. Wanted turqua, mint green and off white. Welllll, don't have the turqua I thought I had, the mint green didn't go so well with the aruba sea, and I have about 3 shades of off white. Not going to work. But then I remembered I had Aruba Sea, coffee brown and Earth and sky. The varigated yarn for the granny squares and the blue and brown for the checkerboard. Even a little latte for the bands between the checks and squares. Loved that I didn't have to change colors every round on the squares.....varigated yarn is great for that! Finished the first row of 5 squares, put a latte border on top.....and found another stitch pattern for a cross over stitch instead of the checkerboard. Decided to try that. Here's the result:
I know it's a little dark, but it's a cell phone photo without the flash. I really like this much better than the other one, and it's more special because it's a mix of designs I put together. Something special for a special cousin!!!
I have also been making fall leaf dishcloths
The pattern is found here:

Love the ease, quickness and beauty of these leaves!
I have a few of these to send out to my cousin/bff Linda in RI......have to get cracking, or it's gonna be Christmas!!!!
Ok, guess I better get back to Landon's blanket. Will make every effort to be here again very soon!!!!!! Until then, stay warm, dry, and enjoy the fall!!!!!!