Saturday, August 23, 2008

It fits!

finally got this together last night. Started the outer trim before making the collar/edging. Had to model it to send photo to Sonya to see if she likes the length. I do not. Covers my butt, but needs to be longer to truly be a "coat" for my tastes. Am going to invert the pattern stitches along the bottom edge about 3- 4 rows. I'm really liking this sweater....will have to make one for me now! Can hopefully finish today, but laundry and kitty litter do stand in my way....not to mention cleaning my kitchen and making meatloaf for dinner...! I'm sure chauferring a teen or two around will be added in there somewhere!
As for Fay, we never lost power for any length of time. Just a few blips. Hubby thought I was nuts for turning off the air (until the house started filling up with teenagers and girls who's power was out and NEEDED a shower!). After living without it for 3 years after the last round of hurricanes that moved thru here, I WAS NOT going to chance it again. Hope my friends in Daytona fared well, as the storm stalled there for a few days. I also hope they don't have to make a mad dash for UF this weekend as KeiLani starts classes on Monday. Ok, I'm off to see what I can accomplish today!
Oh yeah, and don't tell, but I ordered a Bobicus Maximus lapel pin for Sonya to wear on the sweater, notating that it was done for her for the Ravelympics 2008 on ravelry! (I ordered one for me too!)

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