Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What happened to July?

Last I looked, I just returned home at the end of June. August came in the blink of an eye!! It doesn't help that it's been scorching hot outside; even going in the pool is too hot. The pool, which is for cooling us off, is like a sauna. So, I've been staying inside, watching my dvd's and dvr'd shows. Oh yes, and the news. All the while, crocheting away. I finished a baby blanket for a coworker....FINALLY! It's the Honeycomb pattern by Tammy Hildebrand. Really easy, the blanket itself just got very hot VERY quickly. The lady I work with wants it for her soon to be born granddaughter....the baby will reside in Washington state. Grandma wants the baby to be warm. The blanket is 35 x 37. The solid cream color is the mother's choice.
Also working on a doily for a group I'm in. The doily is called Sea Aster. It's charted and the first of a series of charted doilies. I've had the pattern for over 2 years. Since the others in the group are on to #94, I figured it was time for me to start!
My washing machine has been on the fritz for a week. That really is a pain with three grown boys and all my hubby's and my laundry piling up.....Thank goodness the pump came in and it has been repaired today! Now to get into line so I can wash the baby blanket to bring to work tonite!
Time to go and make dinner. Pork chops with applewood rub...I may grill them, but then again, it is 93* outside, so I may just braise them on the stove.........Til next time my friends....

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