Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival

Oh yes, we hit it for the second year in a row. Planning on going back as we were there with my sister and her hubby from Buffalo. Yes, the whole crew....all three boys and Nicole and Barbara, too. Had a great time wandering around the parks, riding a few rides. My sister has never been to Disney before. She loves Johnny Depp, so the first order of business was to get her to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. She liked it, but it could use more Cap'n Jack Sparrow...duh!!!

While at the parks, Bob and I sampled a few things from France. I had to have my fix of escargot......baked in little loves of bread with garlic....yummmyyyy!!! Bob had the coq au vin sur gratin de macaroni......oh yes, chicken in red wine over gourmet mac and's my version:

Here's a picture of all of us at Mexico, The Inn at San Miguel (?) after dinner:
Back row: Tim, Joe Pixie, Steven, Me, Teresa, Bob, Rick
Kneeling: Jeff and Barbara
Rick and Teresa were kind enough to join us for dinner. We had a blast!!!! After that, the boys put on their "Three Amigos" pose:
Tim and Jeff always mess with Steven, so he doesn't know which way to look.......therefore, he's never looking in the same direction as his brothers. Always. Priceless.....
Stevie's 20th b-day was the 25th.....his brother bought him pirate ears with "Shredder" embroidered on it....
Steven put on his hat and was jumping up and down on the balcony as we returned from breakfast, screaming..."It's my's my birthday..." To which passersby wished the silly boy a happy birthday..... I even got to surprise him with birthday ice cream at dinner. Somehow, he knew it was me that told.....

I also was working on a candy corn outfit for my newest cousin, Landon. He was born on Sept 21 to my 2nd cousin Lisa and hubby Kelly. Finished it yesterday

And last but not least, what would a first visit to Disney be without a commemorative t-shirt? Nicole (who took most of the pics and is in very few......LOL...I think she plans it that way....)

All the girls had was fun, but we were never in the same place at the same time on Saturday to get a will have to suffice with just me.......
Ok, back to the grind and my crocheting.....doilies, blankets, and oh yes, work is thrown in there at some point!!!!! Til next time...happy crafting!!!

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