Friday, January 8, 2016

Another year, very little said

Hello there out in blog world. Another year has whizzed by and I have neglected my blog. To be truthful, I have been working on my crafts, but very little in 2015. I did take up another hobby, quilting. My boss and friend, Gayle, got me interested with the Row By Row Experience. I spent 6 weeks over the summer travelling around Florida to various quilt shops picking up their patterns .

 It's fun knowing that I can pick up my sewing machine and get it to work like it's supposed to. This is fun and I want to do more!!!

the only problem is quilting takes away from my knitting and crochet. But that's ok, so long as I'm creating something, I'm a happy crafter!
   With Christmas came the frenzied request from my marine son for more crochet and knit hats. He seems to lose them every year, so every year he gets a few more.

And an earflap for my middle son......
Then came the requests for Christmas presents for kids...I cannot say no....these are Sarah Zimmerman's patterns from the Repeat Crafter Me blog
I love her easy to follow and quick to make up!!

And here is a smattering of other things I've done through 2015:

My favorite of these is the Tea Time Doily by my favorite designer, Elizabeth Hiddleson. I love the hearts, especially since I was born on Valentine's day...We've also been renovating our house...painting mostly...and replacing doors. I will post those pictures in my next entry. And then I can get on with and be more creative (hopefully keeping up with my posts, too!) in 2016!!!!! Thanks for looking and hanging in there with me!!!


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