Monday, October 27, 2008

Another CAL

This is a bag to go along with the hat and scarf. I don't have the entire pattern yet, but am going to improvise it so I can tote it along as a carry-all on Wednesday on our trip to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. Yes, all of us and the girlfriends are going on an outing. Should be interesting as the Timm and hubby don't do roller coasters. I'm good for a couple of rides, but then I get dizzy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the rush of riding a coaster; I finally have learned that I don't get sick to my stomach if I keep my eyes open. I even like riding in the front row. My fave coaster so far is Shekra at Busch Gardens.....supposedly two 90 degree drops. (More like 86 or 87 degrees; if it was actually 90. the cars would fall off the track...that would NOT be a good thing). Coolest thing about Shekra is the 4-second hang at the top as you look down to your death. Scary, but a lot of fun! I am looking forward to riding The Hulk and Double Dragon coasters. Will post photos later in the week. The weather promises to be grand and cool. My boys are great at figuring out where the cameras are on the coasters and waving their arms.....I hang on white knuckled and scream for dear life. Yes, they all laugh at me.
But Timm promises to ride one with Shelby....she likes them too. That ought to be fun to watch!
Off to finish my bag and make another On the Go Sunshine purse in gator colors....I'm being paid and have to have it done for Friday.

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