Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm hoping to be able to post more, now that I'm on vacation til Monday November 3. Have lots of projects to work on, painting of my living room in "corvette" orange, cleaning my closets and LAUNDRY.....yech. Oh well, must be done. We are taking the boys and their girls to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure next Thursday. Should be fun as my youngest doesn't like roller coasters. His girlfriend, Shelby, does. This should be fun.

Saturday marks Steven's 17th b-day. Wow, hard to believe. He has vowed to cut his hair by Christmas. It's rock star long, but he's tired of brushing it. I'm going to try to get him to donate it to locks for love. Tim is going to cut his too. His head is a mass of curls and difficult to manage.

Bob and I went to Kanapaha gardens in Gainesville on Sunday for their annual fall plant sale. It was free to get in. We bought another bamboo stripestem) and a camelia plant. That brings our total bamboo count to 11 plants (including 2 heavenly's that don't spread and run). Bob and I both took lots of pics, so I will post some later this week.

This is our first plant, called golden goddess (clumping). That was followed by 2 arrow, 1 seashore (resuce missions from our local home depot), 2 buddha belly's, one miniature buddha belly, and a black. I also found out that a friend/rep at work has some either timber or blue he's trying to kill with roundup, so we are going to make a road trip and get some from him!

This is my camphor tree. When I bought it ten years ago, I thought I froze it the first winter. It took FOREVER to grow to this height, but it is getting HUGE! This is my most fragrant tree. Now, if only I could figure out how to rotate the pic so it's not crooked!

I have to go pick the boys up from school; will post more later!

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