Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tablecenter finished!

This is the tablecenter I wanted to make into a tablecloth for my glass kitchen table. The original pattern called for size 10 bedspread weight cotton and a size 7 hook. Thinking I could get a larger version with size 3 thread and a size 2 hook, I started. Upon finishing it, I could not find my stupid steel pins to block it properly after I washed it. so, here it is at 25". Now to find a clear vinyl tablecloth to display it so the cats won't tear it up.


mtm said...

wow, i have not seen crocheting like that in forever- great job! it is very pretty.

Deni J. said...

Very nice! I have never used the larger thread for a doily - I am impressed!

Henya said...

Beautiful, so much work went into this and so much talent.