Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving on.....

Yes, Tuesday was my last day at Shands. A little sad, but I am excited about my new venture at the Malcolm Randall Veterans Administration Hospital in Gainesville. Right across the street from Shands proper. The best part of it all: I WILL NOT BE IN CHARGE OF IT ALL! Hoping to get back on track with my crafts, picking up the needlepoint, cross-stitch and felting I have neglected far too long. Keeping in touch with family and friends more often. I even began the chore of cleaning my house by folding the 5-6 baskets of laundry that have been accumulating (Methinks multiplying) on my pool table. Next is to tackle my closet and get rid of those pesky clothes and actually be able to walk in my so named closet. If you don't hear from me for awhile, I have probably been buried in an avalanche of clothes, yarn, hangers...etc.

The folks I work with had a great spread of food for me...Thanks Lynn! You did a great job of organizing it all. It was greatly appreciated, right down to the Nascar cake. I will be cleaning black frosting off for the next two weeks!

I have managed to make Tablecenter #2.....mexicana with strands of red, orange, goldenrod and bright yellow:

The colors from my cell phone do not do justice to the beauty of this. I will post a better shot from my camera. The damned thing is still too small for my table. This one measures 32" across. Bigger than the copper mist one (which I sent to my sister in law for her b-day. She had hinted at a Christmas gift, but her b-day was a week away.) I need a 54" across. Soo, I guess it's time to move on to another pattern. Will try my Elizabeth Hiddleson Pineapple Centerpiece:

It's coming along quite nicely, but I do believe it is going to be smaller than my table. Again I say...DAMN! I will find one that will fit my table one day. I guess it's just a way for me to keep trying different patterns.

We are off to Orlando and visiting with Bob's family (yes, the in-laws....I really like mine). First a stop at Downtown Disney and the Earl of Sandwich, then to Sam Ash (michaels may be in the pic for me....even if I'm trying to use all my stuff before I buy more), Wine World (ok, it's really called Total Wine, but we like Wine World), then on to Mom and Dad's to visit with Bob's cousin Lauren, her hubby Mitch and their adorable little girl Isabelle. Will post pics in the next couple of days. CYA~!

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Lupie said...

Your beautiful Tablecenters make me want to go back to my roots.
I remember many hours as a young girl making all sizes.
I think I must start one if my hands can take it.