Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is Over....

and I can't believe I haven't posted a word mid-October! I must admit, I was busily creating gifts for family and friends. I will post pics in the next week or so, but I will also say that one of my New Year's resolutions is to pay more attention to my blog world. I find a two month plus absence from my beloved cyber world is just tooo long!
Christmas was fun...on Christmas Eve, we took the trip to Zellwood station for the annual DiBiasio family Christmas. Liken it to Griswold's without all the lights! There's food, drink, cookies, cheesecake and oh yes, the yearly gift exchange. We all pick names at Thanksgiving. I received a great hot cocoa/coffee basket from my sister in law, Teresa. Haven't had time to try anything except the white chocolate kona coffee. yummy! can't wait to have the cocoas and marzipan coffee.
I crocheted a pink panda bear afghan for my niece, Rachel. She posted that she wanted one after seeing another that I had made on facebook. The only differences were that I used black and white fun fur for the panda and the tunisian stitch, to make it go quicker. Yes, dear friends, I waited until the last possible moment to cram this into my stitching schedule. I finished it and she loved it. I hated using the fun fur, particularly on the black parts. Stitches were dropped and repaired a few times!
I also crocheted a sweater for my SIL Susie. She had seen a few I made about 5 years ago for my nieces and said that she also wanted one. Yes, 5 years later, she received it! I was upset, as Jeff's gf Sam is still in Arizona working and wasn't here to try it on before I gave it. I made it in Sage Mary; Kim, another SIL, wants one of the same colors, also. Yes, I think I have my work cut out for me for next year, and it's only December 26!
I still need to finish Madelyn's blanket. I 'm three rows from being done. I really think I have separation anxiety from finished projects. I will get that blanket done before her birthday in February! I also need to make socks, earflap hat and arm warmers for Stevie's gf, Nicole. I guess I'd better get started soon!
The fun part of Christmas this year was making the boys wait until 4pm on Christmas day to open their presents. I was at home by 8:15 am (I work the graveyard at the VA hospital lab in Gainesville, 45 minutes from my home), but was soooo tired, I climbed into bed to sleep for a couple of hours. The boys wanted to go see Sherlock Holmes, so I had Fandangoed the tickets on Christmas Eve. Glad I did, too. The line was around the theater when we drove up at 12:55 for a 1:10 pm show. It was AWESOME to be able to walk in and stroll right to our movie! We loved it....and we all went as a family....the only person missing was Sam. We came home, Bob cooked our standing rib roast while I wrapped the rest of the presents. Then it was time to unwrap! The boys had fun...they all received NERF guns...have been sporadically running around shooting one another at opportune times....which starts yet another war. Steve's waiting for his Bass pedals and cables; Tim's drumsticks and heads are on their way....he went out with me on Black Friday and we got his other shopping done, along with his dad's; Jeff and I are going laptop computer shopping next week. Jeff wants to take online school to study nuclear engineering. YAY!!!! He found something he wants to be when he grows up!!!
OK, enough for now. Next post will have pics of the above mentioned projects! Until then, continue to enjoy your holidays and most of all, love the family and friends around you and far away! And as always, find time to do whatever makes you it crochet, knit or some other craft!!!!
Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!

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