Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010!!!!

I must say, 2009 flew by rather quickly. An awful lot seemed to happen this year; I am very glad it is drawing to a close. My work life has settled down considerably. I am home at night to make dinner for and eat it with my boys. I have time to work on my crocheting more. Our house is getting prepped for new floors, new kitchen appliances and a new coat of paint. Maybe even a new porch off the back, fenced in yard, and new windows, too! My new Cabrio washer and dryer are to be delivered on New Year's day......I've never had a matching set before, so I am joyfully harkening in the New Year!
Jeff has found his new career path in Nuclear Engineering. Stevie is gearing up to graduate HS and go to Az with Jeff this summer. Timm is working diligently to get into a great college to be some sort of aerospace whiz, and is even working at Wendy's (he's so cute in his uniform).
I have also learned to appreciate my friends and family more, to cherish each gathering and meeting with those who mean the world to me, both old and new friends, and to appreciate the wonderful world around me.
I hope to post some pics from Christmas and some new things I've made on here in the next week. Until we talk again, I hope y'all have a happy, fun, joyous and above all, SAFE New Year's. I will be safely in the lab at the VA....but hey, at least I'll be awake at midnite!!!! See ya in the new decade!!!!!!

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