Monday, August 16, 2010

Crafting Drought

Ah yes, the dog days of summer. Here in North Central Florida it has been HOT...nearing or over 100* F. Even too hot to spend time in the pool. Dogs only want to go out long enough to do their business. Well, except for Marley, our not quite two year old Australian shepherd. She's always up to run around, chase the soccer ball or frisbee. Her new favorite sport, however is chasing the neighbor's chickens out of our yard. Since the scraggly legged little chickens like to come to our yard, are they considered free range? I'm thinking yes.......maybe when they are a little plumper, we can have a FRESH chicken dinner....mmmm.
Back to the reason for my lack of posts. Yes, summer has been relatively busy. Started by going to Indianapolis for training on a Roche Diagnostics analyzer. And the week just happened to coincide with the Indianapolis 500. Yes, it was a fun and exciting race. Got to stay with some friends who lived 3 1/2 blocks from the speedway. It was nice not to be stuck in race day traffic and facing another 2.5 hour drive home, like when we go to Daytona. We went to the Daytona 500 this year...coldest, longest (remember the infamous pothole?) race on record. The Indy 500 was the HOTTEST race on record. 95*....but the bloody mary's were awesome!!!!! Yes, I do want to go back, but hopefully, it wont be so hot next time! Oh yeah, Bob flew up to Indy on the Wednesday before the race. We had a fun time. Even learned to play 'corn hole'.....
Only bad thing about being in Indy that week and weekend was that I missed Stevie's debut with Solkry...his first real professional gig. It's ok, though, we have the whole thing on dvd. I get to enjoy it over and over....good news is that there is another show scheduled for August 28th at the same place. This time, I will not miss it! Stevie had so much fun...Solkry even went into the recording studio in July. Cannot wait to hear the cd!
Then it was gearing up for Stevie's high school graduation. There were 350+ kids in his class, and I could only spot him with his yellow and black sneakers. He was so proud, as we were of him. Tim's girlfriend, Shelby, was a co-valedictorian. It was so neat to see all the kids that hang out at my house get through high school. Very sad now as they are all leaving to go to college. But we are all connected through facebook. Now to get Tim through his senior year.....aye carrumba!!!!!
This has been a particularly bad summer for my crafting. I have been dabbling, but not really doing much of anything. I must finish Andrew's blanket...since I'm testing a pattern for a friend, I MUST FINISH SOON!!!! I am also working on a couple of doilies. I started one in Cebelia Nile green for an August Birthstone doily exchange. Pattern is called Moonbeams. I liked it so much I am keeping it for myself. So now, I'm doing another called Small White Doily. I did manage to crochet Nicole a rasta type hat for her birthday. That took me two hours, so I'm hoping the bug is going to bite again soon. The crafting bug, that is. I reallly do want to destash and make some pretties.....There just are not enough hours in the day!!! I will post photos of some snippets from my summer this week. I WILL be a better blogger, I will be a better blogger........ Until next post, enjoy your long summer days and happy crafting!!!!!

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