Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello, Blog world

Yes, I'm back once again. Attempting to get my crafting mojo back. A friend of mine on facebook saw a post to a link to Kim Guzman's Poinsettia scarf:
and liked it. I asked her if she wanted one; Donna asked if I was kidding. Told her no, wanted to get my crocheting mojo back. Hence, the scarf was started. I have finished the first of 9 squares during the first few laps of the F1 Gran Prix in San Paolo. I "feel" it coming to work through the mountains of yarn and projects to get done!!!!
href="">So, as you can see, I haven't been totally out of the crocheting world. I have finished a few things. Just not as quickly as I would like.....oh the life of a leisurely crafter.....


Lupie said...

I love knitted lace but because I'm first a crocheter the is nothing let crochet lace and yours is beautiful!

ponykeg said...

Thank you, Lupie!!!! Hugs to the new bundle of joy you have!!!