Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Design

Happy New Year, Blog land! This past holiday season was a whirlwind of work, frantic crocheting of last minute gifts (mainly scarves....oh what fun I had!!!), family and food. I really did have a blast frantically crocheting the scarves...versions of the Champlain New Warmer from the Caron site:

Here's a couple of my scarves:

The blue one was actually the first. I still have it and love it! Made with a half skein of Red Heart Shimmer. The lilac scarf was the third....made with Red Heart Symphony. The girls love them~!
The second one was also made with Red Heart Symphony, in a blue shade.

I am now on a scarf kick, making one for Bob for the cool winters here in Florida:

about half way through it, Bob told me he likes the varigated and multicolored scarves. Thus, the two stripes of various browns from my stash.
The scarf kick started when I saw Kim Guzman'a Poinsettia scarf pattern:

I made it and sent it to my friend Donna in NY:
I then found a pattern for a braided crochet scarf pattern, but do not want to pay $3.50 for the single pattern:

It's beautiful! So, I decided to design one, only in knit, for me:

So yes, dear friends, I have in fact DESIGNED my own pattern! It's a stockinette knit scarf in three sections, then braided together. I only started this last night, but will post the pattern here:

Using size 9 (6.0mm) knitting needles:

Using a 30 stitch co, Stockinette stitch 4 rows, then do stockinette stitch on first 10 stitches for 50”, bo; Stockinette next 10 stitches for 50”, bo; Stockinette last 10 stitches for 50”. bo. Braid the three strips. Pick up 30 stitches along bottom edge, stockinette for 4 rows. BO.

I will post pics as I progress. With the boucle, I cannot see the stitches so well, so I will make another when this is done. This one is for Jamie, my favorite (and only, LOL) grand niece's mom in NY. Jamie happens to be Donna's daughter. I hope anyone who tries this pattern will send me photos of it!

I have also opened an ETSY store to sell my crocheting, at the urging of my sil, Kim. The site is BethsCraftCabin on Etsy. We shall see how that goes! I also decided to become an AVON representative. I like the products, so I figured I may as well buy it at a discount and sell it! My website is
check it out and use me as your Avon Representative! Questions can be e-mailed to me at
Well, am working OT this weekend in Blood Bank on 3-11 shift. That means 3-11 today and a double tomorrow. I am signing off for now, but will make the great effort to post more often on my blog. Perhaps even design a few more patterns throughout 2011!!!!


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Lupie said...

You are my scarf queen and now a designer!
Can't wait to see your new design.