Friday, July 27, 2012

Vacation 2012, continued!

  Here are a few pics from my phone of us having fun.....ENJOY!!!!
 Vaca started in Daytona for Happy Hour with Lori and Jonna, then a screening of Magic Mike, and a Saturday at the Speedway with Lori getting freebies!
Me and CocoSoco.....LOVE that woman!
 DiBiasio mini cousin reunion...Tom, Rick, Ken, Linda (PIC), John, Bob

 Via Napoli...Beth, waitress, Rick
PIC lovin' her German wine
SHB with the girls
On the ferry to the Magic Kingdom

This is "Hot Buttered Love" aka Adam the bartender at Joe's Crab Shack......he was a fun bartender, even if his GM wouldn't let us girls dance on the bar......
Jonna, me, and Lori B4 Magic Mike.........

Yes, it was a fun-filled 11 days/nights!!!

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