Friday, July 27, 2012


   At the beginnin of July, I had a vacation....July 4- 15. It was fun, amazing, relaxing,....did I say FUN?
A lot of great things happened; spent time with my favorite folks...Ken and Linda from Woonsocket, RI, SIL PIC, met new cousins, lots of time with family, and celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary to my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We spent time in Orlando, visiting the attractions, eating, drinking, talking and LAUGHING.....a lot!

   The coup of my vacation, was a goal we had in mind for our 25th anniversary....replacing my cake topper from our wedding. We had bought the original one from the glass blower at Disney Village, now known as Downtown Disney. It was a plain blown glass double heart, two love birds, two bells and intertwined rings. I brought it to NY for our wedding in one piece; it did not survive the trip home. I was heart broken and always wanted to replace it. So, I found a similar piece on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom:
I was ecstatic to find this! When I gave it to Bob, I told him we now have to make it to our golden anniversary!

25th anniversary cake topper 

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